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Stories of Hope & Healing

Read below what our clients have to say.

"I’ve been seeing Monica for counseling for almost two years now. I sought her pit specifically for her background and knowledge in childhood trauma and adult survivors of sexual abuse. Prior to starting counseling with Monica, I had been in therapy for almost 3 years, but I never really felt that I had resolved any of my past.  Within the first two months of my sessions with Monica I learned more about myself than I had in those three years. She helped me come to my own conclusions, with gentle nudging but also allowing me to get there myself. It’s hard to put into words adequately what an impact our sessions have made in my life. I feel more comfortable telling my story, which I previously never spoke of. She has helped me through feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, and unworthiness. She helped me realize that what happened to me wasn’t my fault. She’s helped me become a better wife, and also a mother. I was terrified to have children because I was afraid of repeating the generational trauma I endured as a child. She helped me realize that fear and choose a different future for myself and my family. I am so thankful the Lord put her in my path and gave her the gift of seeing people the way she does." LS

"I had such a wonderful counseling experience with Monica. When we started, I went in closed off, but Monica was so patient with me and helped me break down walls, I didn’t even know I had, a little at a time.  I eventually got to the point where I looked forward to going each week and discovering ways to help me be a better version of myself, which led to healthier relationships, specifically with my spouse.  Counseling changed my life for the better and I am so grateful God brought Monica into my life!" JF

"Monica is truly a very safe place. She is kind and welcoming, approachable and listens so well.  She is gifted at unraveling my issues and concerns to help me see what is at the core of my struggles.  She is able to share the science behind how my brain processes information and how a new way of thinking and applying God’s word can truly be life altering.  She is truly a Christian counselor that applies those principles to every word of her counsel. I know I can trust her to keep every word confidential. I am so forever grateful for her and how she is helping me.  It is with absolutely no reservations whatsoever that I recommend her as a counselor." SD

"Monica's biblical counseling methods are refreshing and intentional.  She gets to the heart of what I am dealing with and gives me strategies to handle my circumstances with Christ at the center. Through this process, I have overcome anxiety, anger, marriage and family issues, and even issues I've had since childhood.  Monica will enter, understand, and bring Christ into your life." EJ

"I took my teenage daughter to see Monica due to her struggle with anxiety and anti-social tendencies. Monica is the only counselor that my daughter  connected and felt comfortable with. I witnessed great growth in my daughter’s ability to cope and manage negative behaviors and thoughts. We have sought help from many different mental health professionals over the years and no one has cared for my child and truly made a difference in her life as Monica has. She is a true treasure." TK

"Our family would highly recommend the biblical counseling services that we received through Monica Langenberg.  It is good to be able to talk through issues with someone who has a solid worldview, in order to continue on the journey of healing.  We were able to work through relational issues in the family, like teen/parent relationships.  Much progress was made.  Monica provided sound counsel, as well as great recommendations for other therapies that have blessed our family." RM

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